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Cable Preparation Tools

UniStrip 2545 - Stripping Machine

The UniStrip 2545 is mainly used for jacket stripping of fiber optic cables. The machine operates with extremely fast cycle times and features a universal blade system that eliminates time consuming changeovers. Absolute precision, high cost effectiveness, and a very short return on investment are the main characteristics of this machine.

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FiberOptic 7010 - Cutting Machine

The FiberOptic 7010 Kevlar cutting machine cuts and removes Kevlar fibers from optical fiber wires. Kevlar, used as a strength member, is very hard to cut with common tools, such as scissors. The patented system easily separates and draws the Kevlar into the cutting head, where it is severed. An efficient vacuum system with a micro pore filter disposes of the separated Kevlar, ensuring that no fibers can reach the respiratory organs.

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FiberOptic 7030 - Stripping Machine

The FiberStrip 7030 machine is compact, yet packed with features. This machine strips single fiber in a semi-automatic fashion without touching the glass fiber. The FiberStrip 7030 is designed for stripping single coated and buffered fibers. It serves as an ideal companion to cleaving and splicing devices for standard and high strength splicing.

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EC65 - Electric Crimper

The Electric Crimper EC 65 allows crimping a wide variety of different contacts. The crimping process is actuated by foot switch. Both hands are free to insert the contact into the crimping die. The contact can be retained before crimping process starts just by selecting the additional two-step operating mode. This simplifies the processing of complex crimp contacts and avoids faulty crimps. The width of the opening of the die is adjustable in 5 steps. The die can be easily changed with just a few hand movements. For individual requirements, we manufacture crimping dies to customer's specifications. On request we create a sectional view of the crimped contact for quality assurance.

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