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Equipment for Assembly Lines

Cable Cut & Coiling Machines

The EcoCut 3300 is designed to automatically cut all kinds of material including wire, cable, round material such as tubing, flat ribbon and Glass Fiber Optic (GOF) cable. This flexible machine processes wire up to 16 mm² (6 AWG), cuts round material up to 12 mm (0.47'') O.D. and cuts flat material up to 100 mm (3.94'') wide.

The PreFeeder 2500 is an active dereeler and the ideal feeding system for wire, small cables and tubing. It is a simple solution for large production output and offers an excellent price / performance ratio.

The CableCoiler is a stand-alone, fully synchronized high performance cable coiler for cut and strip machines. The device is best suited for all types of round cables to be coiled in high quality

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Dispensers and Dispensing Robots

For small and medium production lines a popular analog dispenser series featuring dual 110/220V operation can be used. An all-purpose dispenser, versatile and easy to use in a few simple steps.


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Connector Heat Ovens

OMC-W36 is a user programmable heat oven with a vertical tray used for hardening the epoxies used during the assembly of fiber optic connectors. It is primary interded to heat the fiber optic ferrules and plug type fiber optic connectors in which the epoxies bond the optical fiber. Heating process usually consists of three subsequent periods (steps): warm up, cure and cool down period.


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Polishing Machines & Accessories

Seikoh Giken polishing machines are ideal for high volume production application. Industry known as the workhouse for standard connectors, they deliver precise processing and high throughput reliability with low maintenance requirements.   Polishing machines are intended to be used for both in small-scale (SFP 70), and in mass (SFP 550) production of fiber optic components for support of ideal geometry of a surface of tips.

There is a complete portfolio of holders for polishing of all types of industrial connectors and tips (ferrule), including multi fiber the MT/MPO type. The usage of precision holders is crucial for support of quality and reliability of final results.  It’s possible to produce the personal holder under specific requirements of the customer.

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Cable Preparation Tools

We can offer a full range of Cutting and Stripping Machines, Crimping presses of top quality to suit all of your cable preparation requirements.

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DSCOPE is a high-quality microscope of the Data-Pixel company is developed for ferrule end-face symmetry measurements in laboratory and working conditions. This unique microscope combines high quality optics with a modern and ergonomic design ideally suited to fiber optic inspection applications

BLINK is software for finding defects and the provision of a fiber in real time, allows to exclude a human factor and to make automatic inspection of a status of quality of ferrule end-face by criterion of PASS/FAIL.


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Equipments for measure IL & RL

Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL) on fiber optical components are measured fast and accurately with OptoTest company instruments. The feature of the equipment is the technique where the return loss is measured with the “no mandrel” method, meaning neither matching gel nor mandrel wraps are required at the far end of the.  The Insertion Loss (IL) is measured by the stable source of RL in combination with the precision optical power meter


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Interferometers of Data-Pixel company (DAISI, DAISI MT and 3DScope) are intended for inspection of end-face geometry of optical connectors and applied in laboratory and working conditions.

3DScope is the low-cost volume production interferometer for ferrule end-face symmetry measurements. This is the optimum budgetary decision in need of measurement of one type of connectors under production conditions as change of holders for measurements of tips with a polish of PC and APC requires more manual operations.


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Eccentricity Test Equipments

Compliance of geometry of a tip ferrule to industry standards is a key factor for support of quality of fiber optical connections.  While the interferometer allows to measure some of these characteristics (radius of curvature of a surface of a tip, offset of peak of an end face concerning fiber center, burying or an overhang of an end face of a fiber concerning a tip surface), it can't measure an eccentricity of a core of a fiber of rather outside surface of a tip.


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Cleaning Products

As a high precision opponents, even a little contaminants on the optical ferrule can affect the performance of the whole optical transmission system. If a optical ferrule is polluted, it is hard to make it clean again in ordinary ways for the high requirements of the cleaning equipment and the little space the ferrule left for cleaning.

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