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Equipment for Field Applications

IL Hand Testers and Kits

Test, certify & maintain fiber optics with our handheld fiber testers & fiber optic test kits. With over 25 years specialising in fiber optic loss testing - from Cloud/Telco to Aerospace/Defense - Kingfisher are the trusted experts in delivering fiber test confidence.

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Fusion Splicers

FITEL's line of fusion splicers provides an excellent solution for both field and factory splicing applications.

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An optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) is a precision instrument used to locate events or faults along a fiber link, typically within an optical communications network. The OTDR launches a series of high speed optical pulses into the fiber to be measured.

Fiberlab supplies OTDRs of famous brands, such as JDSU, Yokogawa, which are accurate enough for laboratory use but portable and rugged enough for field applications.

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From the first days of fiber optic cabling, stereo bench top microscopes were used to inspect fiber optic end-faces. Over time, smaller, portable microscopes were designed to easily test fiber cable. Microscopes can be divided into two basic groupings: optical and video.Optical microscopes incorporate an objective lens and an eyepiece lens to allow you to view the end-face directly through the device. Video microscopes incorporate both an optical probe and a display for viewing the probe’s image.

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Visual Fault Locators

Visual fault locators can be used for singlemode or multimode application for installation, fault finding, continuity checking, polarity checking, verifying a signal path, and identifying a fiber.

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Cleaning Products

Why is cleaning important? To assure high speed internet and network transmissions without signal loss, the best practice has evolved to clean a connection each and every time it is disconnected or tested. Soiled connections create signal distortion or loss; can cause reflectance of the signal; give false readings to test equipment; have been reported to be as high as 70% of network transmission “problems”.

The Combination Cleaning process (CCp™) is a cleaning process developed by ITW Chemtronics® for fiber optic connector cleaning. The process combines both core competencies at Chemtronics — precision solvent blends and cleanroom wipes — and employs them in a ‘wet-to-dry’ cleaning technique. The cost per cleaning is reduced, encouraging cleaning of each connection to assure high quality transmissions for FTTH, Central Office, WAN/LAN Network, and OEM applications. 

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