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Extended Training - Testing Fiber Optic

In addition to the basic assembly course we offer extended training which covers IL and RL measurement topics (theory and practice) using OP930 Instrument from Optotest Corporation and 2D and 3D Geometry measurements using Microscopes and Interferometers together with the BLINK Software from Data-Pixel.

The agenda covers the following topics:

  • Basic Parameters which are measured in production cycle (Insertion Loss, Return Loss, radius of curvature of a surface of an end face, apex offset, burying/elevation of a fiber);
  • Testing Methodologies according to the International Standards and manufactures instructions;
  • Practice of using the IL/RL Equipment, Microscopes and Interferometers;
  • Cleaning fiber optics
  • Causes of typical issues and troubleshooting;

The exact agenda and time of the training can be adjusted depending on your skills and preferences.

Looking forward to your requests. Contact us for more details: +375 17 259-01-04 or