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Seikoh Giken Co., Ltd

Seikoh Giken is a global leader in providing equipment for critical jumper production applications: from adhesive curing oven to production polishing systems to inspection equipment. The company is also recognized as a world leader in technologies of polishing of fiber optic connectors. Polishing Machines use exclusive rotation-revolution mechanism. The technology of polishing is based on widest range of production polishers utilizing proprietary turntable design and processes. The company has more than the 20-years experience in polishing for obtaining the highest optical characteristics.

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OptoTest Corporation

OptoTest is the innovator in fiber optics industry with solid fundamental technologies in optical power, back-reflection, insertion loss, return loss and polarization and modal distribution on connectors, fibers and components.  OptoTest has offered a full range of decisions in testing for fiber optic components market since 2002. Today, being the leader in testing of MTP/of tape fibers, multichannel testing in extreme conditions, the OptoTest continues to expand the client base, offering the equipment specially developed under certain  customer needs.

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Data-Pixel is the international leader in test and measurement tools for the fiber optic industry. It has taken leading positions in production of the measuring equipments since 2001. The portfolio of the company includes the testing and measurement equipment for fiber-optic connectors, ferrules, video microscope for application in vitro, automatic interferometers for testing of geometry of single and multi fiber tips like MPO/MTP, measuring complexes for measurement of geometrical parameters ferrules and fiber cores.

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ITW Chemtronics

ITW Chemtronics® offers the highest reliability fiber optic end face cleaning products for all types and sizes of fiber optic connectors; including 2.5mm, 1.25mm, APC and MT connectors. Chemtronics® originated the concept of wet-to-dry cleaning in their Combination Cleaning Process CCp™ with the original QbE® wiping platform. Other products include swabs and wipes for backplanes, jumpers, and fusion splice operations. Chemtronics® also offers high performance cleaning solvents including precision hydrocarbons and water-based cleaners. Products are available individually and in rugged job specific kits.

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Kingfisher has been pioneering handheld solutions for field fiber test since 1987. As a global manufacturer & supplier of equipment for fiber optic communication systems, Kingfisher has won many government and industry awards, has a long history of excellence, and has recently completely refreshed its product line.

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