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Eccentricity Test Equipments

Compliance of geometry of a tip ferrule to industry standards is a key factor for support of quality of fiber optical connections.  While the interferometer allows to measure some of these characteristics (radius of curvature of a surface of a tip, offset of peak of an end face concerning fiber center, burying or an overhang of an end face of a fiber concerning a tip surface), it can't measure an eccentricity of a core of a fiber of rather outside surface of a tip.

The new measurement system  Koncentrik of the Data-Pixel company allows to measure this parameter for rejection or selection of high-precision components in case of creation of reference components, and also for setup (tuning procedure) of optical connectors.

Key features of Data-Pixel Koncentriks:

  • Measure PC-type connectors (different diameters), ceramic and metal PC-type ferrule;
  • Ferrule end-face visual inspection at x400 magnification;
  • Automatic measurement + re-positioning of ferrule at tuned position;
  • Accurate and repeatable measurements;
  • User adjustable quality level for high-speed measurements;
  • Easy calibration Koncentrik Software;
  • Measurement data exported in standard CSV format;
  • Statistics on measurements available;

Koncentrik-V2 is High precision fiber-core\ferrule-bore to ferrule-envelope eccentricity and indexing measurements. The new KONCENTRIK-V2 is a modular measurement system. Several mechanical modules adapt on it so that either fiber or ferrule eccentricity measurements can be performed

 Main characteristics:

  • Measurement range of Eccentricity, μm - from 0 to 100 μm. Recurrence / reproducibility * measurements - ±0.05 μm
  • Measurement range of Indexing of an end face of a tip concerning center of a fiber, degrees - from 0 to 360. Recurrence / reproducibility * measurements - ±5° if eccentricity > 0.2μm
  • Measurement speed, seconds - 10 + (user variable).
  • Measurement range of an angle of a chip, ° - 0 to 12. Recurrence / reproducibility * measurements - ± 0.03 °
  • Magnification - x 400
  • Wavelength, nanometer - 450
  • Power requirements - 12V external supply
  • Link to PC - USB 2.0, no card required

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