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FerrulePro™ is a fully automated tabletop fiber connector cleaner for laboratory and cable production environments. FerrulePro™ automates the final cleaning of all types of terminated fiber products, a critical task where performance once depended largely on the production line worker’s skill. Now, fiber connectors can be cleaned in 3 seconds per cycle eliminating the need for re-cleaning after post production inspection.


  • Efficient, quick, consistent cleaning results - no training required
  • Unique self-starting holding chuck
  • Hands-free cleaning on a wide variety of fiber ferrules, termini and connectors
  • Significantly reduced production cycle time
  • High-speed cleaning (20 connectors / min.)
  • Eco-friendly, long, life replaceable cleaning cassettes
  • Durable, textured wedge body design is inclined to improve functionality
  • 10,000 cycles per cleaning cassette