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Fiberlab is proud to offer the MDC connector solutions from US Conec.

Increasing the fiber density with the use of duplex connectors, is it even possible?

Fiberlab synonymous for quality and innovative products will be adding the MDC connector to its portfolio. MDC is a Very Small Form Factor connector which has the benefits of a multifiber connector (density) and the flexibility of single fiber connectors.

The connector has been developed by US Conec which is one of the frontrunners in the FO connector industry. They are known for the MTP®, MTP® PRO and lensed interfaces such as the MXC® and PRIZM® LightTurn®.

The MDC is a two fiber connector specified for QSFP-DD and the SFP-DD transceiver MSAs provides three time higher density compared to LC Duplex connectors. Three port MDC adapters have the same footprint as LC duplex adapters, increasing fiber density by a factor of three. Supporting port breakout architectures for emerging transceiver MSAs, the smaller size will allow a single array transceiver to accept multiple MDC patch cables, which are individually accessible directly at the transceiver interface.

MDC Connector has a push-pull-boot for insertion and extraction in very tight spaces. Polarity of MDC connectors can be easily changed in the field without the need of special tool (for UPC and APC versions).

Use this link to go to Fiberlab MDC portfolio. For more information about US Conec MDC technology use this link.