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FO Patchcords / Pigtails

High Performance tailored cables for test equipment manufactures

Key Features:

•    Can be delivered with most connectors type
•    PC or APC polish
•    Bend Insensitive Singlemode (G.675.A1) Fibers
•    OM2/OM3/OM4 Multimode Fibers
•    Customer specified lengths
•    Interferometric geometrical control
•    Different colour pigtails for simple identification


•    All parts of fiber networks through the full CWDM and DWDM ranges
•    Pigtails for terminating cables with splicing

Product Categories:

FO Pigtails
FO Simplex Patchcords
FO Duplex Patchcords
LC Uniboot Patchcords
Armoured Patchcords