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FSW™ Fusion Splice Wipe


  • Supplied dry for safe travel and easy transportation
  • Wipes can be used dry and wetted individually, or the tub and perforated roll of wipes can be saturated on-site with the preferred cleaning solvent
  • Unique, apertured surface cleans gel, color layer, cladding residues
  • Wipes are non-scratching, non-linting, soft and absorbent
  • Wipes feature aperture pockets to collect gritty, scratch-inducing particles
  • Clean perforations do not generate long, loose strings and fibrous tails when torn from the tub opening
  • Compact size ideal for tool kits, cleaning kits, congested work benches and tight work spaces


  • Used as a portable, clean, dry wipe, ideal for toolboxes and repair kits
  • Can be saturated with water-based cleaners, or solvents to increase cleaning