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Interferometers of Data-Pixel company (DAISI, DAISI MT and 3DScope) are intended for inspection of end-face geometry of optical connectors and applied in laboratory and working conditions. The high-quality picture is transferred in real time from the interferometer to the PC via the USB2.0 interface. For lowering of errors and reliability augmentation of measurements all steps of calibration are automated and built-in in the user-friendly interface of the software.

Key features of Data-Pixel Interferometers:

  • Single unit for measurement of PC and APC ferrules, connectors and bare fibers
  • Non-contact measurement
  • Fast autofocus
  • One-button easy operation
  • Servo-controlled reference mirror for automatic Apex calibration
  • Strongest ferrule holder in the industry with automated open/close feature. Can perform measurements while handling the cable
  • No exterior moving parts or adjustment screws -> No apex decalibration
  • Vibration insensitive. Measurements can be made when holding the system by hand
  • Easy and fast switching from PC to APC, no change of ferrule holder required
  • Connector key adaptors for most connector types. Special design provides easy loading feature
  • Interfaceable to laptop computers, only one USB2.0 link required
  • White-Light scanning optionfor extended fiber height range
  • Fast and automated measurement of radius, apex offset, fiber height + more
  • Measure fiber and ferrule roughness (Sq parameter)
  • Measure angle of cleaving of bare fibers with great precision
  • Accurate and repeatable measurements
  • High resolution 2D & 3D surface profiles
  • Measurement report and history report in Excel
  • Compliance with Industry Standards for interferometer measurements
  • Simple and reliable construction at the low cost of service

DAISI  (Digital Automated Interferometer for Surface Inspection) is the ultimate production interferometer with automatic focus, for all types of one-fiber connectors with PC and APC polish (LC, MU, SC, FC, ST, E2000, etc.), and also the connectors MT-RJ and bare fibers. The interferometer DAISI has automatic focus, a servomechanism for automatic calibration of offset, change of holders in case of change of measurements ferrule with PC polish on APC, and also the strong automatic mechanism of fixing of a tip in the instrument (it is possible to hold a cable a hand during measurements) isn't required.

DAISI-MT(Digital Automated Interferometer for Surface Inspection of Multi-Fiber connectors) combines on the design and philosophy that made the DAISI a success, capable of measuring both single fiber and multi-fiber ferrules, designed for use in production and field applications.

3DScope is the low-cost volume production interferometer for ferrule end-face symmetry measurements. This is the optimum budgetary decision in need of measurement of one type of connectors under production conditions as change of holders for measurements of tips with a polish of PC and APC requires more manual operations. Works with DAISI software via the USB interface 2.0. The interferometer 3DScope – figurative also can be connected to a notebook or the desktop computer via the USB interface (including a supply).

Data-Pixel is pleased to introduce the 3D-Scope-v2 interferometer. 3D-Scope-v2 is the new interferometer really designed for the use in the production environment. It was designed with speed, precision, simplicity, robustness and cost in mind.

Main characteristics of Data-Pixel Interferometers:

  •     Measurement range of radius of curvature of a surface of an end face, mm - from 3 indefinitely. Recurrence / reproducibility * measurements - ±0.1% / ±0.2%
  •     Measurement range of offset of peak of an end face of a tip concerning center of a fiber, micron - from 0 to 500. Recurrence / reproducibility * measurements - ±0.5/±1.0
  •     Measurement range of burying/elevation of a fiber concerning a surface of an end face of a tip, nanometer - ±160. Recurrence / reproducibility * measurements - ±1.0/±1.5
  •     Measurement range of an angle of a chip, ° - 0 to 12. Recurrence / reproducibility * measurements - ± 0.03 °
  •     Gaging speed, sec. - 2
  •     Increase - X300
  •     Wavelength, nanometer - 633
  •     Requirements to a supply - 12V 25VA

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