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MPO/MTP® FO Assemblies

High Performance tailored cables for test equipment manufactures

Key Features:

•    Own designed Compact Fanout Solution
•    Small cable OD for high density applications
•    Pre-terminated trunk Solutions up to 144 fibers
•    Low Insertion Loss <0,2dB for 12 fibers; <0,35dB for 24 fibers
•    LCD Uniboot Switchable connectors save space and Iincrease flexibility
•    Male/female MTP® Connectors
•    Customized fanout length


•    Data Centers
•    Connections between cabinets in a Data Center
•    Pre-terminated Plug & Play Solutions
•    Storage Area Networks
•    Local Area Networks

Product Categories:

MTP(12)/MTP(12) Cable Assemblies
MTP(24)/MTP(24) Cable Assemblies
MTP(8)/MTP(8) Cable Assemblies
MTP/LC Harness Assemblies
MTP(12)/LCD Fanout Cable Assemblies
MTP(24)/LCD Fanout Cable Assemblies
MTP(12)/LC(0.9mm) Fanout Cable Assemblies
MTP(24)/LC(0.9mm) Fanout Cable Assemblies