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Connector Heat Ovens

OMC-W36 is a user programmable heat oven with a vertical tray used for hardening the epoxies used during the assembly of fiber optic connectors. It is primary interded to heat the fiber optic ferrules and plug type fiber optic connectors in which the epoxies bond the optical fiber. Heating process usually consists of three subsequent periods (steps): warm up, cure and cool down period.

OMC-W36 is recommended for curing the following types of fiber optic ferrules/connectors: standard 2.5 and 1,25 mm ceramic, glass and metal silglemode or multimode ferrules; standard plug type fiber optic connectors with 2.5 mm ferrules (FC, SC, ST, E200, DIN, etc.); standard plug type fiber optic connectors wuth 1.25 mm ferrules (LC, MU, etc.); FSMA905 and FSMA906 plug type connectors with 3 mm ferrules.