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Polishing Machines & Accessories

Seikoh Giken polishing machines are ideal for high volume production application. Industry known as the workhouse for standard connectors, they deliver precise processing and high throughput reliability with low maintenance requirements. Polishing machines are intended to be used for both in small-scale (SFP 70), and in mass (SFP 550) production of fiber optic components for support of ideal geometry of a surface of tips.

The widest range of production polishers utilizing the proprietary turntable design. With exclusive rotation-revolution mechanism, polishing films and polishing processes, and with over two decades of connector polishing expertise all contribute to the highest quality optical performance.

The SFP-550S3 Polisher Series is Seikoh Giken's newest top of the line mass production model developed under recently introduced concept of "Ez-Maintenance and High Duty Cycle" series. It features a full function, programmable LCD touch panel for installation and modification of various polishing processes allowing unlimited customization of process detailed parameters. Additionally, it features a slow start function, user controlled, programmable turntable speed and voltage-free power input for world-wide versatile installation.

The SFP-550E3 model is Seikoh Giken's mid-range polisher offering a competitive priced, high volume programmable mass production model under concept "Ez-Maintenance and High Duty Cycle" series. This new model SFP-550E3 features Multi Timer on LCD Touch Panel (4 timers). In addition, it features simplified polishing process programming (8 steps each x 12 processes). Polishing speed is variable from 70rpm to 200rpm for revolution and rotation speed is automatically adjusted as per revolution speed.

The SFP-550C Polisher Series is Seikoh Giken's entry level mass production model. The 550C series model was also developed under the recently introduced concept of "Ez-Maintenance and High Duty Cycle" series. The addition of the high speed turntable technology allows the SFP-550C model to increase productivity by more than 20% (according to internal test) over previous entry level polishers.

The SFP-70D2 provides 2 axis simultaneous polishing at competitively low cost and is most suitable for light production environments like field termination and laboratory use.

There is a complete portfolio of holders for polishing of all types of industrial connectors and tips (ferrule), including multi fiber the MT/MPO type. The usage of precision holders is crucial for support of quality and reliability of final results.  It’s possible to produce the personal holder under specific requirements of the customer.

The list of holders for polishing machines of series SFP

The new polishing holder for multi fiber tips MT/MPO

The list of holders for polishing machines of series OFL

Seikoh Giken polishing films are ideally suited for use with the polishing machines of Seikoh Giken.  The company makes all types of films, the wide rage is available from Grinding to Finishing covers entire polishing steps. Seikoh Giken also provides films for spatiality applications such as MT polishing and Fiber array polishing. Wide varieties of polishing pad are offered  to respond with wide range of customer needs. Characteristics of them is thickness clearance. Thickness is tightly controlled. All products are made in Japan.

Characteristics of films are polished end-face quality and film durability. High-productivity and the long term of service promotes improvement of quality and reduction in cost of process of a polish.

Available fixtures enable to polish a wide variety of fiber optic connectors, including SC, FC, LC, MU, ferrules, MT, MPO, MT-RJ, fiber arrays, and PLC. You can easily achieve superior quality and maximum throughput at a very affordable price with the longer service life.

List of polishing films Seikoh Giken

New diamond polishing films

New final polishing films

List of polishing substrates of Seikoh Gikeh