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DSCOPE is a high-quality microscope of the Data-Pixel company is developed for ferrule end-face symmetry measurements in laboratory and working conditions. This unique microscope combines high quality optics with a modern and ergonomic design ideally suited to fiber optic inspection applications

Key features of Data-Pixel microscope:

  • True Koehler optical design for perfectly homogeneous lighting
  • D-Scope software detects in real-time the fiber location and overlays inspection zones
  • Unique ability to define independent gain and contrast levels for the fiber and ferrule regions for optimized simultaneous viewing of both areas
  • Adaptors for all PC & APC, SF & MF connectors
  • High-speed USB 2.0 for live digital image
  • Field-stop and Aperture-stop diaphragms
  • Deep-blue long-life LED light source
  • Second light source at low incidence for surface cleanness inspection
  • Ergonomic fine focus control
  • Focus quality indicator in D-Scope software
  • Software and Hardware automation capabilities
  • Real-time PM Fibers angular alignment measurement capability

DSCOPE aims at bridging the gap between low-cost poor quality scopes and the general purpose high-quality, high cost laboratory scopes available on the market today.

BLINK is software for finding defects and the provision of a fiber in real time, allows to exclude a human factor and to make automatic inspection of a status of quality of ferrule end-face by criterion of PASS/FAIL. BLINK is real-time automated visual inspection software. The combination of the Data-Pixel BLINK software and microscope DSCOPE provides the ultimate visual inspection station for fiber optic connector surface defect analysis providing an instantaneous pass or fail.

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