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Introducing the Latest Innovation in Polarity Testing Solutions

The new OP415 Polarity Analyzer is now available for orders. This polarity tester was designed to test 24-fiber MTP/MPO cable assemblies efficiently, but it can easily be configured for 8-fiber and 12-fiber testing. It comes pre-loaded with 12-fiber and 24-fiber polarity types A, B, and C plus the ability to create and store custom fiber mappings and channel configurations. Alternatively, the OP415 can learn polarity types from existing cables and store those for future use.
Additionally, the OP415 Polarity Analyzer has a manual mode that steps through a cable, channel by channel which is useful for troubleshooting or routing fibers during ribbonizing. Bright red lasers on each channel allow for visual fault detection on ribbon cables.
The full color touchscreen display graphically shows if fibers are routed incorrectly, if fibers are not connected, and can even display a power level for each channel to detect poor connections. On-board storage allows users to store results for later analysis.