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Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies for Harsh Environments

In harsh environmental conditions where mobile objects have to be connected via fiber optic interface standard connectivity cannot guarantee reliability of optical connections. Expanded Beam technology which physically expands and collimates the transmission signal into an optical beam in cross sectional area. It is then refocused back down onto the core of the receiving fiber. This approach provides ease of alignment and low sensitivity to thermal changed and contamination. High strength, precision connector housing enhance a durable connection, optimizing low loss and repeatable performance. That makes this technology an ideal for applications working in the conditions of the increased impurity, vibration and wide range of temperatures.

Expanded Beam

Expanded Beam Connectors baced on non-contact system which is easy to handle and easy to clean. Connections are durable and highly resistant to dirt and debris. Fiberlab Expanded Beam Cable Assemblies are available in Multimode (for operations in 850/1300 nm) or Singlemode versions (with optimization for 1310 or 1550 nm) with 2 or 4 optical channels.  Connectors used in cable assemblies are compatible and interchangeable with other MIL-PRF-83526/20 connector and have hermaphroditic construction that allows to connect them without adapters.

Product Range includes FO Miltac Cables terminated with Expanded beam Plugs or Bulkhead (square flange or D-Hole) Connectors in different combinations with PC connectors (LC, FC, ST, SC) according to customer needs, Cable Reels for Field-Deployable Cable Assemblies as well as Tactical Field Splice Repair Kits. 

Technical data:

  • Insertion Loss, Typical – 0.7dB @ 1300nm for Multimode and 0.7bB @ 1310 nm or 1550 nm for Singlemode (when tested with reference quality launch/receive cable assemblies)
  • Return Loss - > 34 dB @1310 nm or 1510 nm for Singlemode
  • Operational Temperature - -40 ºC/+85 ºC
  • Coupling Endurance – 3000 couplings
  • Bump – 4000 bumps, 6 directions @ 50g acceleration
  • Vibration, Sinusoidal – 10-500Hz, 3 directions; 0.75 mm amplitude @ 10g acceleration