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Passive FOC

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies for FttH, PON, Fttx Networks

Fiber-to-the-home networks are becoming a vital part of our lives. All services like CATV, Internet, Telephone are transmitted via fiber optic cable up to subscribers. PON (Passive Optical Network) Architecture is used to deliver fiber optic signals through a lot of splitters and passive interconnections in channel.

Have you ever thought what can happen with connector’s performance after temperature and humidity cycling? Can you be sure that Insertion Loses are stiil in limits in all wavelengths used in FttH?

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies for Data Centers

In contemporary Data Centers (DC) uptime is critically important for owners and operators of DC therefore hight performance and high quality interconnections are essential for such environments. New high speed DC applications required less power budget. The increase number of connectors in channel leads to growth of attenuation and increase back reflections from the line towards the optical transmitter (Return Loss parameter). Moreover high bit rate applications have also requirements for return loss of each connector.

Applications Standards  are baced on the link model considering of two connectors in the link. Current market trends, best practices and also increase of compexity of cabling infrastructure in Data Centers show the need of use of multiple connections (4-6 in channel). What will be the total IL and RL in such channel? Will it be enough for High Speed DC Applications such 10 Gigabit Ethernet or 8/16 Gb Fibre Channels (FC) or not?

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies for Harsh Environments

In harsh environmental conditions where mobile objects have to be connected via fiber optic interface standard connectivity cannot guarantee reliability of optical connections. Expanded Beam technology which physically expands and collimates the transmission signal into an optical beam in cross sectional area. It is then refocused back down onto the core of the receiving fiber. This approach provides ease of alignment and low sensitivity to thermal changed and contamination. High strength, precision connector housing enhance a durable connection, optimizing low loss and repeatable performance. That makes this technology an ideal for applications working in the conditions of the increased impurity, vibration and wide range of temperatures.

Product Range includes FO Miltac Cables terminated with Expanded beam Plugs or Bulkhead (square flange or D-Hole) Connectors in different combinations with PC connectors (LC, FC, ST, SC) according to customer needs, Cable Reels for Field-Deployable Cable Assemblies as well as Tactical Field Splice Repair Kits.