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Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies for FttH, PON, Fttx Networks

Fiber-to-the-home networks are becoming a vital part of our lives. All services like CATV, Internet, Telephone are transmitted via fiber optic cable up to subscribers. PON (Passive Optical Network) Architecture is used to deliver fiber optic signals through a lot of splitters and passive interconnections in channel.

Analysis shows that between 60% and 80% of the capital costs of a fiber project are due to civil work, ducts and cables. In other words, this is the cost of digging holes and filling them in again. While the cost of the optical fiber cable and passive interconnection equipment makes only small part from the cost of the whole project.

Life cycle of active electronics is several years though the passive physical infrastructure (cables and connectivity) has longer lifetime (20-30 years). That is why it is highly important to implement the hight quality connectivity from the beginning to reduce OPerational EXpenses and make the implemantation of new hight speed and more demanding services easier and without network interaptions.

The required bandwidth of a backbone permanently grows as more and more information need to be transmitted via network.  The speed of Internet access permanently grows. The biggest part of bandwidth is used for content with the increasing requirements to network resources, for example video. The more subscribers are connected to a network – the more critical backbone downtime is becoming for a telecom operator. Problems in fiber optic connections are the main reason of backbone failure. It seems that everything looks good from the very beginning in case of installation of a new parch cord.

Have you ever thought what can happen with connector’s performance after temperature and humidity cycling? Can you be sure that Insertion Loses are stiil in limits in all wavelengths used in FttH?

Fiberlab Fiber Optic Patchcords and Pigtails with SC-APC connectors are tested on all wavelengths used in PON againt specifications of the International Standards not only for Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL) but also for Geometry of ferrules and visual inspection of connectors end faces (scratches, dirt). Standard Fiberlab SC-APC Patchcords comply with Class C, IEC 61755-3. We can also supply Class B, Master Cords and Reference Cables on your request.

Technical data

  • Insertion Loss (IL) for connectors SC, LC, FC, ST (PC, APC) < 0.3 dB  ( IEC 61300-3-4)
  • Return Loss (RL) for connectors APC > 65 dB
  • Return Loss (RL) for connectors UPC > 45 dB
  • G.657A1 fiber with easy strip buffer is used by default (other specification can be used on your request)
  • The geometry of connectors end faces conforms to IEC 61755-3 standard requirements